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The Chiropractic Adjustment

The Fee for a Chiropractic Adjustment is $70.00

Cash or Venmo only ( NO CREDIT CARDS).

1) New Patient Exam (Initial exam) New Patient or if you have not been seen in over 6 months time.

$200 exam and Adjustment $70.00= 270.00

2) Re-exams apply if you have not been seen in 2 months time $100 re-exam and $70 for the adjustment = $170

3) Adjustment within the time frames above are $70.00

4) Soft tissue manipulation and Stretching/TrP with an adjustment- $30.00

Our office provides Adjustments from both a structural/functional and a neurological perspective.

The purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to restore balanced tone to the neural system. With Dr. Lindner's approach, he incorporates functional neurology to accomplish this. He will analyze different parts of the brain using non invasive functional testing for areas of imbalance. He will provide adjustments in a very orchestrated way, to increase output of the brain in a more balanced manner to restore optimum function.

Adjustments are given in various ways. From the traditional hands on approach, to instrument adjusting, to functional neurology as taught by the prestigious Carrick Institute( Dr. Ted Carrrick God Father of Functional Neurology). 

Dr. Lindner also has several adjusting tables to accommodate the needs of the elderly, the obese, pregnancy, children, and those in pain.  

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