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Dr. Henry Winsor, a pathologist, studied cadavers and found out what they died from. He found what organ ultimately caused their demise, whether it was kidney disease, liver failure, heart disease, whatever it may have been.

He followed the nerve from that organ back to the spinal column. In 100% of cases there was a major misalignment of the vertebra (vertebral subluxation) that was pinching on that nerve. Since every cell, tissue and organ is controlled by the brain and nervous system it is important to make sure the brain can send all of its messages to all the parts of the body without any interference.

When any vertebra is out of alignment it distorts the messages trying to be sent through that nerve. It decreases the life force through that nerve and lowers the state of health of that area of the body. If this is left long enough it can lead to various ailments, symptoms, and diseases. Take a look at the following chart in the link below that shows each nerve root and where those nerves go. You can imagine he problems that arise when those nerves are being pinched by the misaligned vertebra. Do any of those symptoms or ailments correlate to the problems you are experiencing? If so, chiropractic adjustments can be of great benefit for you.  

Click on the link below to see the spine chart. You simply click on a segment of the spine, and it will show you what parts of the body the nerves control.

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