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Reception room

Plenty of seats, TV, water cooler, and library

Adjusting room/Exam room/ Treatment room 1

Computerized Diagnostics and Adjusting table capable of traction and distraction. This table also elevates. This room also has all the adjusting tools needed to fit the unique needs of each baby, child, adult, or senior.

Adjusting room / Treatment room 2

This table is great for pregnant women. The belly section drops all the way down, so there is no pressure on you or the baby. Also great for people that have acute disc issues in which they have difficulty lying down themselves.

Massage Room

We have a Rebeca Fernandez a Licensed Massage Therapist on premise every Friday and Sunday.


This is what our office looks like from outside.

Parking lot

There is parking for your convenience behind our office. You can use the back or front entrance as well.

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